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Client: South Hunterdon Regional Board of Education

Project #1: Three (3) K-8 districts, and one high school district were regionalized on 7/1/2014. Working in conjunction with the new Regional Superintendent, Business Administrator, their attorney, and SEHBP carrier liaisons at Aetna and Horizon, BBBA was hired by the new Regional Board of Education to blend the SEHBP medical plans of the four “legacy” districts. Each “legacy” district had an average employee size of 30.

Services Provided: Benefits were successfully blended and 98% of all enrollment, and ID card deliverables were achieved by 7/1/2014.

Project #2: Leverage economy of scale of the newly formed district with 120 eligible employees and build a better health insurance plan for their benefits package.

Services Provided: On 2/1/2015 the Board of Education exited SEHBP and joined a “shared services” and “equal to” program via the Brown & Brown Benefit Advisors Public Employer Trust, underwritten by a leading carrier.

Results: Rates were guaranteed for 17 months, and projected an annual premium savings of $500,000. June 2018 savings are in excess of $1,000,000.

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Client: Flemington-Raritan Regional Board of Education

Project: Work with Business Administrator, Board of Education attorney, and Board of Education Negotiations Committee to negotiate the migration of all teachers’ union employees from a “Platinum” level PPO plan to a “Gold” level Direct Access plan.

Services Provided: BBBA prepared detailed benefit comparisons and financial analyses that were presented at a series of meetings with teachers’ union leadership during mediation. Employee education meetings were organized to address morale “blow back”, and highlight Chapter 78 contribution savings to staff.

Results: Client savings for 2015-16 fiscal year – $1 million

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