Our firm coordinates all aspects of the new carrier implementation including onsite employee education and enrollment meetings with the goal to create an environment that will allow for a smooth transition.

  • Educate employees regarding benefits – We explain in detail the benefits being offered, and answer any questions about the benefits program through onsite employee education meetings.
  • Highlight the differences between carriers and the potential impact on employees and their families – Our teams create and distribute a customized open enrollment brochure/benefits comparison at open enrollment, and distribute detailed instructions on how to enroll with the new carrier, and who to contact from our firm with any questions or problems.
  • Collective bargaining* – Our experience with collective bargaining over the years is invaluable to our clients and sets us apart. Our firm is exposed to more school board benefit negotiations than any other broker, which enables us to provide valuable input on what other districts are doing.
  • Confirm benefits are equal to or better than coverage being replaced** – Our firm reviews, line by line, all new contracts and benefits booklets to confirm the benefits are set up properly to be equal to or better than the coverage being replaced.
  • Act as a resource during contract negotiations to assist with employee benefit strategies and options – We provide specialized knowledge and experience in all phases of the bargaining process, including arbitration, mediation and fact finding, as well as assistance in developing a benefit negotiation strategy and present proposed options to assist with negotiating mutually agreeable settlements.
  • Guidance on State & Federal regulations such as FMLA, COBRA, PPACA, HIPAA, ERISA, NJ Family Leave Act
  • HR Workplace Services*** – provides guidance on HR issues and regulatory compliance on benefit topics.

* With over 300 public sector clients, our firm supports dozens of benefits negotiations each year throughout the State, which enable us to provide valuable input on collective bargaining trends.

** Unless changes have been negotiated.

*** HR Workplace Services is a dedicated team of Human Resource professionals available via phone or email for HR, and regulatory compliance issue guidance on benefit topics such as Health Care Reform, COBRA, HIPAA, Overage Dependents, Disability, FMLA, Medicare Part D, and employee handbook review.


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