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NJ P.L. 2011 Chapter 78 requires public employees (e.g. teachers, police, fire, etc.) to pay towards the cost of their health plans. While the law was effective June 28, 2011, the date of its impact on public employees will vary based on the status of an employee’s contract with their employer. Employees should contact their employer and/or their union representatives to determine when they will be required to begin health insurance premium contributions.

The premium contributions are based on a percentage of the health insurance premium* and increase every year over a four-year period. In no event, will an employee’s contribution be less than 1.5% of their annual pensionable salary.

To help employees estimate their contribution levels, Brown & Brown Benefit Advisors has constructed an easy-to-use premium calculator. While this tool will give you a useful estimate, it is recommended that you confirm your actual contribution with your employer.

* If an employer is in the NJ State Health Benefits Program or NJ School Employee Health Benefits Program, the contribution is based on the premium cost of the medical and prescription plans. If the employer is not in either of these programs, the contribution is based on the cost of the medical, prescription, dental, and vision plans, if applicable.

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