The staff of Brown & Brown Benefit Advisors keeps our clients informed about regulatory and compliance issues that could affect their benefits programs. We are there to make sure you understand the impact of any changes before they happen. Furthermore, we arm our clients with information and advice that helps manage the long-term success of their benefits program.

Our Knowledge Center provides pertinent information and resources on a variety of topics:

  • Health Care Reform  We continually monitor and are well versed in the provisions that will affect your employee benefits program. We provide our clients with the necessary guidelines and requirements to comply with the law.
  • Compliance Corner  Our firm continually monitors health insurance industry legislative activity that could affect our clients’ employee benefit programs. Our staff provides a variety of resources to assist clients in complying with federal legislation and state mandates.
  • Chapter 78 Calculators (Public Sector Employees)  To help public employees estimate their contribution levels, our firm has constructed an easy-to-use premium calculator. While this tool will give you a useful estimate, it is recommended that you confirm your actual contribution with your employer.

For timely updates about a variety of benefit related information, be sure to check our Blog.

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