Casualty risk profiles change almost daily, and no two are exactly alike. The legal and regulatory environments constantly evolve. Product liability, mold, asbestos, terrorism, the effect of employee concentration on Workers’ Compensation coverage, and risk appetite – these are among the Casualty issues that can weigh heavily on a company’s future.

Our Casualty Division engages with clients in the formulation, design and execution of complex risk management programs to address these risks. Our risk evaluation process and assessments are all customized for each client’s situation. Through ongoing dialogue, we attempt to fully understand your goals, and from this viewpoint present a variety of alternatives and options that best meet your long-term objectives.

Our firm stays fully abreast of changes in the marketplace and in the legal and regulatory environment affecting our clients’ coverage. We share with our clients any product news, coverage news, carrier news, and other timely updates. Using our marketing model, the same team that designs a risk management strategy approaches the markets on your behalf. This keeps you close to the process and helps bring about the best possible placements.

Working with clients in highly customized programs enables us to provide solutions that require responsive and creative risk management program alternatives that can cover a spectrum of varying needs that the public sector demands. Whether the exposure is generated from unusual exposures, product liability or a volatile loss history, our goal is to understand your needs and formulate individualized solutions that help protect your organization’s bottom line.


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