Live Well, Work Well

Addressing your employees' health and wellness matters can benefit your company's productivity and bottom line. Live Well, Work Well focuses on health & wellness education and tips.

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  • September 2017 (pdf)
    This month's issue provides information on opioid addiction, offers tips to help make the first day of school less stressful and highlights National Preparedness Month.
  • August 2017 (pdf)
    This month’s issue covers skyrocketing hepatitis C rates, provides tips for preventing heat illness and addresses law enforcement’s “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign.
  • July 2017 (pdf)
    This month's issue provides seizure first-aid tips, lists family-friendly summer activities and presents grilling safety reminders.
  • June 2017 (pdf)
    This month's issue provides information on preventive measures to take this tick season, explains why shopping for seasonal produce is good for your physical and financial well-being, and offers fireworks safety tips.
  • May 2017 (pdf)
    This month's issue discusses reasons to quit smoking today, offers tips for alleviating spring allergies and covers the importance of aging well as you near retirement.
  • April 2017 (pdf)
    This month's issue provides information on how phlegm can help fight off illnesses, lists tips on how to monitor rice intake to minimize arsenic consumption and highlights the importance of getting enough calcium.
  • March 2017 (pdf)
    This month's issue provides tax preparation tips, examines lowering workplace stress levels and lists tips for spring break travel plans.
  • February 2017 (pdf)
    This month's issue provides heart disease prevention strategies in honor of American Heart Month, highlights the dangers of e-cigarettes and lists three tips for hosting a safe big game party.
  • January 2017 (pdf)
    This month's issue includes a summary of how the New Year may impact your benefits, explains the difference between making a lifestyle change focused New Year's resolution versus a quick change focused resolution and offers information on National Blood Donor Month.
  • December 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes a summary of the American Academy of Pediatric's Safe Sleep guidelines, information on how positive relationships with your co-workers can improve your health and tips for reducing holiday stress.
  • November 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information on money-saving tips for prescription medications, a potential danger in your tap water and important updates on the 2016-2017 flu vaccine.
  • October 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information on how to prevent backpack-related injuries, safety tips for celebrating this Halloween with your child and prevention strategies to reduce your risk of breast cancer.
  • September 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information on the potentially powerful effects of green tea, IRS advice on how to take responsibility for your retirement fund and Pokémon Go safety suggestions for parents.
  • August 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information on the Zika virus in men, how exercise is good for the brain and avoiding sports-related eye injuries in children.
  • July 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information on e-cigarette regulations, sunscreen claims and new food labels.
  • June 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information on how to turn a bad day around, the danger of laundry packets and a Zika virus update.
  • May 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information on opioids, strokes and recent survey results about Americans' healthy lifestyle habits. It also includes a recipe for strawberry mango feta toast.
  • April 2016 (pdf)
    This issue considers loneliness as a public health problem, discusses how coffee may combat alcohol's effect on the liver and how to avoid spring allergies. There is also a recipe for healthy breakfast burritos.
  • March 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information on lead poisoning in water, the Zika virus, new FDA food guidelines and a gluten-free pizza recipe.
  • February 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information on tanning beds, the importance of good posture, how to prevent foodborne illness and a fudgy fruit recipe.
  • January 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information about the benefits of coffee, sugar substitutes, New Year's resolutions, and a 30-Minute chili recipe.
  • December 2015 (pdf)
    This issue includes information on breast cancer screening guidelines, processed meats, how to avoid holiday weight gain and a recipe for cranberry sweet potatoes.
  • November 2015 (pdf)
    This issue includes information on the flu vaccine, tips to reduce food waste, how to pack a healthy work lunch and a vegetable chili recipe.
  • October 2015 (pdf)
    This issue includes information on wearable fitness trackers, tips for better sleep, the benefits of oatmeal and a healthy oatmeal muffin recipe.
  • September 2015 (pdf)
    This issue includes the USDA's MyPlate guidelines, information on blood pressure readings, understanding food expiration dates, food storage timelines and a baked chicken with veggies recipe.
  • August 2015 (pdf)
    This issue covers artificial trans fats, plank exercises, information on nutrition facts and a summer fruit salad recipe.
  • July 2015 (pdf)
    This issue covers the effect of e-cigarettes on health, the benefits of farmers markets and tips for being active outdoors during the summer.
  • June 2015 (pdf)
    This issue includes the USDA's new food app, the benefits of sunlight, swimming as exercise, cataract awareness and an enchilada recipe.
  • May 2015 (pdf)
    This issue covers skin cancer prevention, resistance training, in-season produce and a recipe for sauteed veggies.
  • April 2015 (pdf)
    This issue covers new cholesterol guidelines, training tips for a 5K, Google's new medical information, identity theft prevention and a recipe for baked cabbage.
  • March 2015 (pdf)
    This issue covers minimum exercise recommendations, chronic acid reflux and National Nutrition Month.
  • February 2015 (pdf)
    This issue covers this year's flu epidemic, eye care, short workouts and gluten-free tips.
  • January 2015 (pdf)
    This issue offers strategies to tackle personal goals in 2015, as well as information on avoiding crowds at the gym and counting calories while dining out.
  • December 2014 (pdf)
    This issue features wintertime workouts, unplugging for the holidays, indoor air pollution, credit card savings and a potato soup recipe.
  • November 2014 (pdf)
    This month, we examine facts about the Ebola virus, how to have a healthier (yet just as special) Thanksgiving meal and tips for lowering your energy bill during the fall and winter.
  • October 2014 (pdf)
  • This issue features children's dental health, Halloween safety tips, backpack basics and fun family activities for fall.
  • September 2014 (pdf)
    This issue discusses camping safety, Healthy Aging Month, low-impact exercise, traditional versus Roth retirement accounts and an arroz con pollo recipe.
  • August 2014 (pdf)
    This issue covers hot weather safety, National Immunization Month, the health risks of sitting, retirement savings and a melon salsa recipe.
  • July 2014 (pdf)
    This issue discusses road trip planning and safety, strength versus endurance exercise and debt repayment strategies.
  • June 2014 (pdf)
    This issue covers cyber security tips, Firework Safety Month, swimming safety, healthy grilling tips and a grilled vegetables recipe.
  • May 2014 (pdf)
    This issue features information about types of dietary fat, stroke awareness, Pilates and emergency savings accounts.
  • April 2014 (pdf)
    This issue features National Autism Awareness Month, budget tools, tips for using old produce and National Park Week.
  • March 2014 (pdf)
    This issue features safety tips for spring weather hazards, coping tips for allergy sufferers and advice for restarting a stalled workout.
  • February 2014 (pdf)
    This issue covers Heart Health Month, potential dangers of cellphone radiation, how walking affects your health and the importance of preventive care.
  • January 2014 (pdf)
    This issue debuts a new design and offers tips on winter skin care, cervical cancer prevention, shopping on a budget and the health benefits of yoga.
  • December 2013 (pdf)
    This issue discusses holiday shopping, New Year's resolutions, preparing for winter weather and working out at home.
  • November 2013 (pdf)
    This issue discusses safety tips for cooking a turkey, finding Thanksgiving savings, lung cancer risk awareness and advice on sleeping better.
  • October 2013 (pdf)
    This edition features information on making healthy lunches, breast cancer prevention and finding Halloween savings.
  • September 2013 (pdf)
    This issue features information on flu shots, cholesterol levels and back-to-school shopping.
  • August 2013 (pdf)
    This issue features information on surviving a heat wave, distracted walking and children's eye health and safety.
  • July 2013 (pdf)
    This issue focuses on water conservation, craniofacial birth defects and growing your own vegetable garden.
  • June 2013 (pdf)
    This issue features tips on home safety, overcoming common exercise excuses and how to save money during summer.
  • May 2013 (pdf)
    This issue offers tips for safe grilling and affordable home decorating, provides some healthier alternatives to common unhealthy foods, gives a recipe for grilled vegetable kabobs and touches on National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.
  • April 2013 (pdf)
    This edition explains findings of a recent study on the connection between a Mediterranean diet and heart health, discusses how to save money by buying in-season produce, and gives tips for a tech-savvy workout. In addition, it discusses that April is National Autism Awareness Month, and gives a delicious asparagus recipe.
  • March 2013 (pdf)
    This edition gives tips for reducing vacation stress, avoiding common workout injuries and getting ready to do your taxes. It also gives a recipe for Sunshine Salad and discusses that March is National Poison Prevention Month.
  • February 2013 (pdf)
    This edition explains the fiscal cliff deal, provides ideas for staying hydrated in the winter and being frugal, gives a refreshing quinoa recipe and encourages readers to participate in National Donor Day.
  • January 2013 (pdf)
    This edition focuses on sticking to your New Year's resolutions, busting through your weight loss plateau and protecting your credit. Also in this issue: Winter Crisp Dessert recipe, and January is Thyroid Awareness Month.
  • December 2012 (pdf)
    This edition focuses on lowering your stress this holiday season, holiday budgeting, four easy exercises you can do at work and gives a recipe for quick turkey soup. Also in this issue: December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month.
  • November 2012 (pdf)
    This edition focuses on preparing for the winter months, providing healthy adjustments to common holiday foods, tips for fighting the flu and tips for saving energy in colder weather.  November is National Healthy Skin Month.
  • October 2012 (pdf)
    With fall on its way, it's time to start thinking about trick-or-treating safety, staying fit in cooler weather, and saving time and money by freezing meals. Also in this issue: October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and a recipe for a delicious vegetable succotash.
  • September 2012 (pdf)
    Summer is ending and the kids are going back to school, so learn how to make the transition easier and beat the back-to-school blues. Also in this issue: how to participate in Whole Grains Month, 5 weight-loss roadblocks on your path to a fitter you, 6 household remedies to save you money, and the recipe for a hearty lentil chili
  • August 2012 (pdf)
    This edition introduces 6 reasons to eat local and provides tips for becoming a “locavore”. Also in this issue: immunizations that all adults should have, 5  fun summer activities for fitness, an update on the health care reform law and a recipe for Baked Trout Olé.
  • July 2012 (pdf)
    It's vacation season and whether you're travelling by land or by air, we've got tips for getting to your getaway. Also in this issue: opting-in for organ donation, 5 fit foods for swimsuit season, 8 ways to have inexpensive summer fun and a recipe for a tasty garden potato salad.
  • June 2012 (pdf)
    June is Firework safety month and the perfect time learn proper firework safety practices in preparation for the Fourth of July. Also in this issue: the best produce to buy organic, getting the right gear for outdoor exercise, 5 tips to save on summer style and a recipe for fresh summer gazpacho.
  • May 2012 (pdf)
    May is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention month, so it's the perfect time to remind employees about the dangers of sun exposure and offer tips for fun in the sun.  Also in this issue: advice for outdoor exercise, a guide for food safety while grilling, budget-friendly vacations and a recipe for Cilantro-lime Shrimp Kebabs.
  • April 2012 (pdf)
    April is National Distracted Driving Month, so educate employees on the dangers associated with cellphone use while driving. Also in this issue: nutrition for picky eaters, community-supported agriculture, spring cleaning savings and a recipe for a simple spaghetti sauce.
  • March 2012 (pdf)
    Recognize National Sleep Awareness Week with simple tips to help employees sleep better.  Also in this issue: packing a smart lunch, 2012 fitness trends, tax basics and a recipe for baked chicken and veggies.
  • February 2012 (pdf)
    February is Heart Month; learn how reducing your stress can help avoid heart disease.  Also in this issue: how to have a healthy Valentine's Day, infant safe sleeping, advantages of couponing and a recipe for baked apple slices.
  • January 2012 (pdf)
    Winter weather brings plenty of fun opportunities to get active outside.  Also in this issue: radon awareness, importance of breakfast, tips to start saving more and a unique recipe for blueberry-orange French toast.
  • December 2011 (pdf)
    'Tis the season for baked goods and holiday meals - check out tips to avoid holiday weight gain.  Also in this issue: flu prevention, winter workout ideas, smarter holiday shopping and a recipe for peach-apple crisp.
  • November 2011 (pdf)
    Novemeber is Lung Cancer Awareness Month - and the perfect time to quit smoking for good!  Also in this issue: banish back pain, eating healthy at restaurants, life insurance advice and a recipe for a light, delicious vinaigrette salad dressing.
  • October 2011 (pdf)
    Unsafely prepared and packaged lunches can lead to illness - learn how to pack a safe lunch every day.  Also in this issue: disability rights in the workplace, tips to trim your energy bill, easy strategies to start walking regularly and a delicious recipe for banana nut bread.
  • September 2011 (pdf)
    September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month; learn the risks and the importance of regular screening.  Also in this issue: busting out of a workout rut, shopping around for medical care, disaster preparation and a recipe for applesauce pancakes.
  • August 2011 (pdf)
    Summer cookouts don't have to break your diet - learn ways to add more nutrition to your next barbeque.  Also in this issue: potential dangers of cellphones, fun summer ways to get active, using the ER properly and a recipe for lamb and veggie kabobs.
  • July 2011 (pdf)
    Summer is in full swing - are you taking the precautions necessary to keep you and your family safe?  Also in this issue: resources to help you care for your parent, the replacement of the food pyramid, the global measles outbreak and a recipe for artichokes with garlic dip.
  • June 2011 (pdf)
    June is Home Safety Month - is your home as safe as it could be?  Also in this issue: easy calorie burning tips, email precautions you should know, healthy eating on a budget and a great recipe for baked spicy cod.
  • May 2011 (pdf)
    May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month - find great tips for fitting physical activity into your daily life.  Also in this issue: saving for your child's education, vision health, stress relief at work and a recipe for a banana yogurt shake.
  • April 2011 (pdf)
    April is Alcohol Awareness Month – use these tips to discuss the dangers of drugs and alcohol with children and young adults. Also in this issue: how to become and organ donor, spring allergies prevention and treatment tips, long-term care insurance and a recipe for fish tacos.
  • March 2011 (pdf)
    March is National Nutrition Month - learn more with this colorful nutrition guide. Also in this issue: poison prevention tips for the home, IRS tax return scam cautions and a recipe for a health twist to an old favorite – meatloaf.
  • February 2011 (pdf)
    February is National Children's Dental Health Month – build good at-home dental habits with these tips for children's oral health. Also in this issue: a quiz to determine you risk of heart disease, healthy snacks for the office, tips for saving money on prescriptions and a recipe for baked sweet potato fries.
  • January 2011 (pdf)
    January is Cervical Health Awareness Month – learn about what you can do to prevent cervical cancer. Also in this issue: health lunch choices for adults and children, New Year's resolution commitment tips and a heart-healthy recipe for tortilla chicken soup.