HR Briefs

These monthly HR Briefs, as well as HR Insights and HR Q&A, provide short, easy to read articles on timely Human Resources topics.

The files below may be opened in the freely available Acrobat Reader.

  • September 2017 (pdf)
    This brief looks at the new Form I-9 requirements, explores the difficulty of filling jobs in the United States, and recounts the failed Affordable Care Act repeal.
  • August 2017 (pdf)
    This brief discusses the importance of becoming a good listener, explains what "competitive pay" really means and briefly covers proactive cyber security strategies.
  • July 2017 (pdf)
    This brief discusses the highlights of the Working Families Flexibility Act (H.R. 1180), explains the importance of keeping an updated employee handbook and briefly covers IBM's change in its telecommuting policy.
  • June 2017 (pdf)
    This brief discusses the importance of employee engagement, provides suggestions for improving an organization's ability to handle a public relations crisis and explains how a team leader can impact company culture.
  • May 2017 (pdf)
    This brief explains the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) plans to maintain its bipartisan strategic enforcement plan in the coming years, discusses President Donald Trump’s labor secretary nominee, Alexander Acosta, and his comments on the overtime rule, and highlights the highest increase in the quits rate since February 2001.
  • April 2017 (pdf)
    This brief discusses best practices for retirement preparation, explains the value of health literacy and provides insight about millennial retention.
  • March 2017 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of company culture and its importance, provides an update on the status of the delayed overtime rule and briefly explains how the national average wage increase may impact your company.
  • February 2017 (pdf)
    This brief gives five examples of over-the-phone tax scams to avoid, provides an overview of employee leave-sharing and donation programs, and explains how two technology industry leaders are changing the way employers recruit talent.
  • January 2017 (pdf)
    This brief explains the significance of the DOL overtime rule being blocked, offers suggestions for handling post-election tension in the office and provides insight for retaining millennial workers.
  • December 2016 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of the IRS retirement updates, summarizes the report of decreasing workplace injuries and illnesses and offers suggestions on how to protect your business from cyber crime.
  • November 2016 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of why covered employers must consider the FMLA when an employee requires leave under workers' compensation, clarifies the changes effective Dec. 1 to the "white collar" exemption rules and informs employers of significant changes coming to EEO-1 reporting obligations.
  • October 2016 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of calculating FMLA leave entitlement for employees who work overtime, alerts employers on forthcoming IRS ACA penalty liability letters, and also alerts employers about increased fines for Form I-9 paperwork violations.
  • September 2016 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of English-only policies in the workplace, provides tips to educate employees on the value of HSAs and highlights an interesting projection on life expectancy.
  • August 2016 (pdf)
    This brief clarifies some of the differences between the FMLA, ADA and short-term disability, highlights the importance of enforcing employer policies as written and alerts employers about Exchange subsidy notices.
  • July 2016 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview on issues employers may want to consider in light of the DOL's final overtime rule, highlights the EEOC's issuance of guidance on leave as a reasonable accommodation under the ADA and alerts employers about increased penalties for noncompliance with federal notice-posting requirements.
  • June 2016 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview on understanding the difference between exempt and nonexempt status under the FLSA, alerts employers that compensation is increasingly important to employees' job satisfaction and highlights the DOL's release of an FMLA guide for employers and a new FMLA poster.
  • May 2016 (pdf)
    This brief provides tips for implementing progressive discipline, gives an update on the DOL's proposed rule for white collar exemptions under the FLSA and updates employers on the expired Form I-9.
  • April 2016 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of the EEOC's proposed revisions to enforcement guidance on retaliation, alerts HR professionals of a new phishing scheme and highlights the growing popularity of wearable technology.
  • March 2016 (pdf)
    This brief provides a general overview of recent guidance issused by the DOL on joint employment relationships and liability under the FLSA, addressing political discussions in the workplace and a note regarding the EEOC's new proposed rule that would require certain employers to report employee pay data to the federal government.
  • February 2016 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of recent guidance issued on conducting internal Form I-9 audits and on advising employees on 401(k) loans. It also advises employers about the new filing deadlines for certain information returns beginning with the 2016 reporting year, including the Form W-2.
  • January 2016 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of which employers are subject to ACA information reporting, suggests end-of-year employee communications and provides an update on the finalization of the DOL's proposed changes to the FLSA overtime rules.
  • December 2015 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of the EEOC's proposed rule on GINA affecting wellness programs, the IRS' clarification on federal tax regulations for same-sex spouses and fantasy sports impact on employee productivity.
  • November 2015 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview on steps you can take to prevent workplace violence, discusses the ADA after 25 years and highlights a recent survey that indicates even happy employees may be looking for new employment opportunities.
  • October 2015 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of how employers can accommodate transgender workers, highlights the importance of proper worker classification and discusses the popularity of telecommuting among workers.
  • September 2015 (pdf)
    This brief provides an overview of the DOL's recent administrative interpretation of worker classification, cyber security prevention tips and a recent lawsuit regarding reducing worker's hours to below 30 hours per week.
  • August 2015 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage, the DOL's proposed rule to expand overtime protections and the DOL's request for information regarding employee use of technology while outside working hours.
  • July 2015 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of the U.S. Supreme Court's religious discrimination ruling, the expiration dates for the FMLA certification forms and the DOL's proposed FLSA regulations.
  • June 2015 (pdf)
    This brief covers the importance of accurate job descriptions, the effect of female managers on employee engagement and EEOC proposed rule on the ADA and wellness programs.
  • May 2015 (pdf)
    This brief provides an overview of a recent pregnancy discrimination ruling, summertime workplace considerations and EEOC lawsuits against several employer-sponsored wellness programs.
  • April 2015 (pdf)
    This brief highlights employee handbook reviews, benefits surveys, and a DOL ruling on same-sex marriage and the FMLA.
  • March 2015 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of several HR topics, including FMLA and workers' compensation, the coming Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage and apprenticeships.
  • February 2015 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of the DOJ’s decision to allow discrimination claims based on gender identity, a Supreme Court ruling addressing time spent undergoing security screenings and employer-initiated payroll deductions.
  • January 2015 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of marijuana in the workplace, options after FMLA is exhausted and the U.S. Supreme Court case addressing pregnancy accommodations.
  • December 2014 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of the conflicting same-sex marriage rulings in federal appeals courts, a new NLRB ruling concerning employee social media accounts and hiring practices for temporary workers.
  • November 2014 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of the U.S. Supreme Court's rejection of same-sex marriage appeals cases, how to fight the flu and new OSHA reporting requirements.
  • October 2014 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of tips for improving performance reviews, protecting your organization on social media and a new court ruling affecting how employees are compensated for work-related calls on their personal cellphones.
  • September 2014 (pdf)
    This brief gives an overview of "ban the box" legislation and the EEOC's new pregnancy discrimination guidance.