Benefits Bulletin

Our quarterly newsletter covers current benefits topics in depth.

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  • Second Quarter 2017 (pdf)
    This issue covers the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the benefits of health care literacy, IRS changes to the ACA's individual mandate policy and President Trump's deregulation efforts. Note: To account for the March 24, 2017, pulling of the AHCA by House Republicans, this Benefits Bulletin has been updated.
  • First Quarter 2017 (pdf)
    This issue includes information about the delayed DOL overtime rule, the 2016 Kaiser Family Foundation health benefits survey results, the incoming administration's potential impact on health care and the 2017 health care compliance obligations.
  • Fourth Quarter 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information about the new overtime rule, penalties for health plan violations, changes proposed to Form 5500 and the 2016 election.
  • Third Quarter 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information about the new overtime payment rules, EEOC wellness rules under ADA and GINA, the HIPAA audit program and affordability contribution percentage increases.
  • Second Quarter 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information about tax relief for identity protection, the 2015 Annual Employer Health Survey, transit parity in the federal budget and an FLSA overtime rule update.   
  • First Quarter 2016 (pdf)
    This issue includes information about the Cadillac tax delay, final ACA market reform rules, tax guidance on same-sex marriage issues and information on the repeal of the ACA automatic enrollment requirement.
  • Fourth Quarter 2015 (pdf)
    This issue includes information about 2016 open enrollment, section 6055 and 6056 reporting, overtime protections and expansions to transgender health care.
  • Third Quarter 2015 (pdf)
    This issue includes information about the ACA subsidy ruling in King v. Burwell, the Abercrombie religious discrimination case, recent guidance on embedded out-of-pocket maximums for family coverage and PTO trends.
  • Second Quarter 2015 (pdf)
    This issue includes information about the Cadillac tax implementation, expanded FMLA protections for same-sex spouses, gender identity discrimination claims and new guidance regarding employer payment plans.
  • First Quarter 2015 (pdf)
    This issue includes information about employer reimbursement arrangements for individual premiums, delayed HPID requirements, minimum wage increases and highlights from the 2014 Wellness Benefits Survey.
  • Fourth Quarter 2014 (pdf)
    This issue includes information about the release of draft employer reporting forms, an expansion of the rules governing mid-year election changes under cafeteria plans and a new proposed approach for pay or play measurements.
  • Third Quarter 2014 (pdf)
    This issue includes highlights from the 2014 Affordable Care Act Survey and details about the new COBRA guidance, employer payment plans and the SHOP exchange delay for employee choice.
  • Second Quarter 2014 (pdf)
    This issue includes details from the final rules for pay or play regulations and the 90-day waiting period limit, as well as highlights from the 2013 Employee Benefits Benchmark Survey.
  • First Quarter 2014 (pdf)
    This issue discusses changes to the IRS "Use-or-lose" rules for FSAs, a final rule concerning mental health parity in health plans, transition relief for canceled health plans and reinsurance fee changes for 2015.
  • Fourth Quarter 2013 (pdf)
    This issue discusses federal guideline rulings in the wake of changes to the Defense of Marriage Act, how employers can educate employees on the new health insurance Exchanges, ACA requirements for large employer reporting and the Final Rule on HIPAA Privacy and Security Protections.
  • Third Quarter 2013 (pdf)
    This issue gives a rundown of the NLRB decision, an overview of the Model Exchange Notice and compliance deadlines, a court ruling on unpaid internships, and the results of the first GINA settlement.
  • Second Quarter 2013 (pdf)
    This issue gives an overview of the Minimum Value Calculator and the filing of whistleblower complaints, and discusses the proposed rule on the 90-day waiting period limit and health plan cost-sharing limits.
  • First Quarter 2013 (pdf)
    This issue covers recent developments in insurance benefits, including employer intentions for offering coverage in 2014, proposed reinsurance fees, methods for de-identifying PHI and the final guidance on research fees.
  • Fourth Quarter 2012 (pdf)
    This issue discusses the rising cost of family coverage, the new IRS guidance on employer penalties, contraceptive coverage delay for religious employers and how wellness programs can save you money.
  • Third Quarter 2012 (pdf)
    This issue discusses how to improve employee benefits communications, the final regulations on an employee tax credit and how they impact employers, how to identify and prevent workplace bullying, and the increasing cost of health care.
  • Second Quarter 2012 (pdf)
    This issue includes a Summary of Benefits and Coverage Q&A, an article on human resources and social media, the results of a 2012 survey on health care reform and five busted myths about workplace rights.
  • First Quarter 2012 (pdf)
    This issue includes a 2012 health care reform compliance checklist, worker classification, low cost wellness strategies and advantages of benchmarking your benefits program.
  • Fourth Quarter 2011 (pdf)
    This issue includes 2011 health care reform developments, a discussion of HSA popularity and how to implement, survey findings on medical cost trends and advice for crafting a benefits communication program.
  • Third Quarter 2011 (pdf)
    This issue includes 2011 benefit trends, the HHS final rule on controlling premium increases, wellness initiatives to promote healthy weight and transitioning to a consumer-driven health plan.
  • Second Quarter 2011 (pdf)
    This issue offers tips for getting a wellness program off the ground, IRS guidance for breast pump tax deduction, the importance of properly classifying employees and maximizing your EAP to help employees through financial difficulties.
  • First Quarter 2011 (pdf)
    This issue covers the changes to health accounts under health care reform, a legislative health and welfare compliance update, the 2010 survey results of the Wellness Benefits Survey and a recent social media policy that was found to be in violation of the National Labor Relations Act.