Workplace Wellness

Our staff can help you create a wellness program that will help you control rising healthcare costs, increase employee productivity and increase employee morale. We deliver tools that allow you to access and share valuable resources, including employee newsletters, wellness information and awareness postings.

The files below may be opened in the freely available Acrobat Reader.

  • Getting Your Program Started (pdf)
    Once a decision is made to start a workplace wellness program, the first question is often "What kinds of things should we do? This article outlines the initial steps to lay the groundwork for a wellness program.
  • Results-Orientated Wellness Programs (pdf)
    This article provides information about the advantages of a results-based wellness program and tips for successfully designing and implementing one.
  • Creating a Wellness Team (pdf)
    When constructing a wellness program within your organization, creating a solid wellness team is critical to its success. Follow these tips to put together the best team possible.
  • Low-Cost Activities That Work (pdf)
    Workplace wellness programs that support employees and the environment they work in have been shown to be a good return on investment. They can be extensive and sometimes expensive. However, there are ways for employers to make positive changes at little or now cost.
  • Potential Legal Issues Associated with Workplace Wellness Plans (pdf)
    Wellness programs must be carefully structured to comply with both state and federal law. This article alerts employers of the potential legal risks associated with workplace wellness plans. It has been updated to include an Eleventh Circuit court ruling on ADA compliance for wellness plans.

This is not all inclusive of the workplace wellness resources we provide our clients, but simply a sample of some of the resources available.